Onslow Multi-Purpose Centre




Year Completed



Civil & Structural Consultants

Onslow Multi-Purpose Centre

Architect:  Peter Hunt Architect

Contractor:  Pindan Construction

The project consisted of an indoor basketball court, which doubles as an evacuation centre with attached facilities suitable for post disaster function.

The town of Onslow is situated in Region D, the highest category of cyclonic design, with design wind speeds up to 360km/hr.  The resultant design was required to resist these forces while meeting architectural requirements for aesthetics.

The design utilised tilt-up construction for walls with structural steel fixed to the panels.  The design of the main hall steelwork consisted of rafters fixed off a central spine truss that spanned the length of the hall.  The spine truss was designed using circular hollow sections to provide an architecturally pleasing structure.

The entrance canopy was a fully welded steel structure with only two columns. Each column branched into four branches to support the frame of the canopy.

Civil design for this project was complicated by the limited space around the building to accommodate the stormwater flows and steep gradients of the ramps.  Careful flow analysis and modelling was undertaken to arrive at an appropriate design solution.