Ray Village Aged Care Facilities, Busselton



Peter Hunt Architect


$20m to date

Year Completed

Ongoing, started in 1979


Structural & Civil Consultants

Ray Village Aged Care Facilities, Busselton

Ray Village Aged Care Facilities is an ongoing project which started in since 1979. The latest addition to the facility consists of the Adult Day Care Building with an upcoming development to provide additional 54 beds Nursing Home. BPA has been involved since the start of the project providing structural engineering services to all the buildings within the facility.

The design of the site required the development of a staged drainage management plan. Drainage on the site was difficult due to a high water table, the site location and level. The site is effectively landlocked between the beach dunes and Bussell Highway with many existing houses located at levels below the dunes and the Highway drainage. BPA developed a drainage system utilising localised shallow soakage around the buildings with over flow the internal road systems. The road systems connect to two bio retention compensating basins via small swales and pipe systems. The basis=ns have overflows to the beach dune systems. The internal road system has been lowered relative to the structures to act retention for the 100 year or greater storm event. This required close liaison with the shire of Busselton Engineering staff, Environmental consultant and Architect to satisfy the often conflicting requirements of drainage, environment and aesthetics.