BPA Engineering’s business system is a successful model the company has taken years to develop. It allows a gradual development of personnel into more senior roles. Each role is a natural stepping stone to the next.

The Management System is simple and based on the following tenets.

Initiate jobs using the most experienced people.
The critical phases of the job – schematic design and design development – are handled by directors of the company

Company Output Consistency.
The company management practices aim to provide a consistent level of quality and positive market perception.

Use only people whose abilities and skills have been tested to fulfill the companies qualities and standards.
BPA Engineering prefers to make long-term investments in its people through ongoing training and support rather than hiring senior personnel from outside the company. This guarantees that the expectations and standards of the Client and BPA are met consistently.

Employees working within their level of expertise.
Once the job is into detail design, the tasks of calculations and technical analysis are carried out by senior staff, assisted by junior personnel. This is followed up with milestone reviews and feedback from the original director through out the project. Functions such as documentation coordination, site visits and audits, shop drawing reviews and document quality control are able to be carried out by junior personnel overseen by senior staff.

Use the experience gained by the company over the years in practice to benefit the current projects.
Knowledge and experience gained on each project is assimilated to allow the continual evolution and improvement of the company’s systems and operations.