BPA Engineering is fully accredited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Standards.

The quality assurance protocol we have set up in our office is a very workable/practical system accredited to AS/NSZ ISO 9001. The aim was not to be bogged down with filling out lengthy forms but rather to provide a highly efficient simple system allowing us to focus on the delivery of the project.

Quality assurance checklists have been developed for every facet of the job including design, documentation and contract administration. They are a series of reminders to be ticked off prior to completion of each stage of a project. They are a very useful tool in avoiding unexpected surprises and falling into traps of the past. These checklists undergo continual review and improvements to meet the requirements of the ongoing developments within our industry.

Our quality assurance procedure along with management process complement each other to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.