Halls Head Community College



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Halls Head Community College

Halls Head Community College involved the planned second stage of development at the school to significantly increase the capacity of the school in this growth area of Western Australia. The project involved the design of 3 separate new 2 storey education buildings which encompassed general learning and technical education areas with associated administration facilities. We designed large span steel truss bridges to provide interconnection between the new buildings.

The project also involved the extension of the existing performing arts, media/visual arts, food and textiles, canteen and gymnasium buildings. Along with the design of the new buildings we also designed the new civil elements of the project including significant drainage structures, car-parking and access roads and 6 new sports courts.

The structural design of the three education buildings utilised concrete framing for the lower stories and steel framing for the upper storey which are likely to be utilised in the design for this project. These materials were used strategically to provide repetitive detailing of the main structural frame to derive commercial efficiencies whilst still maintaining a high architectural aesthetic. This strategy will be directly applicable to this project where commercial efficiency and a high architectural aesthetic are likely to be key drivers for this key institutional building. Our long history of experience with local construction methodologies puts us in a good position to capitalize on these efficiencies which will obviously lead to positive outcomes for the project

We were actively engaged throughout all design and construction phases to assist the architect and the builder to ensure that any challenges that arose during the project were swiftly and economically addressed.